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Live It Out with Jennifer Booth

Feb 23, 2022

In this episode, Jennifer talks with Kari Bartkus about how to incorporate journaling into your quiet time.

Seeing far too many people go through hardship alone, Kari Bartkus became determined to show up and be present when those around her were hurting. Through her work at Love Does That, she serves as a spiritual...

Feb 16, 2022

In this episode, Jennifer shares how using a color-coding system can help enhance your Bible study.

She walks you through the process she uses for color-coding and shares her personal color-coding system.

Get your free color-coding printable here.


Feb 10, 2022

Do you often find it difficult to focus during your quiet time with God?

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain our focus during our quiet time because of our surroundings, thoughts, and other distractions. We are busy women with a lot on our plates, so sometimes being able to focus during our quiet time is a struggle.


Feb 4, 2022

This month we are going to learn several tools and techniques to make your quiet time more meaningful. Whether you have had a consistent quiet time for a while or you're new to the concept of a quiet time, these tools and techniques will give you greater insight into God's Word.

Today's episode dives into the technique...